England vs Australia Live ICC World Cup 2019

England vs Australia Live ICC World Cup 2019 

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The Crown and Us" is a documentary that the ABC released to explore the story of the Royals in Australia earlier this year. It's an interesting watch, and while it's supposed to reveal the changing relationship between Australians and the monarchy that's ruled their former "motherland", it only exposes how the umbilical between the two countries hasn't been completely severed yet. Funnily enough, only a couple of months after the documentary hit the digital platforms, every TV channel Down Under was obsessing over the impending birth of the Royal baby of Sussex.

On the day, Prince Harry announced to the world that their son had been named Archie, radio channels in Adelaide featured a number of shops and shop owners around the city with the same name about what it felt like to have a far-fetched connection to the British monarchy. So while there has been a generational shift in how Aussies view the monarchy, they haven't completely moved on for sure. Well, they even had the same national anthem till 35 years ago.

Perhaps the cricket field is the only place where the strangely symptomatic links between the two countries does get tested, if not forgotten. For, when Australia and England meet each other in a bat and ball contest, they don't feel like comrades or compatriots. They are rivals, bitter ones at that. And at times they take as much pleasure in winning as in the other losing. And when they walk out at Lord's on Tuesday (June 25), it'll only be the first of many times during this English summer that the historic rivalry will take centre-stage. And there's a lot riding on the match for both teams, and the venue only adds to the drama.

It's an odd World Cup in some ways, where England have entered as favourites and Australia as the "dangerous on their day" outfit. And it's also perhaps the first time in World Cup history that neutrals are rejoicing more when England lose rather than rallying against Australia, as has been the case all these years when the five-time world champions were at their dominant best.

But how bad do Australia really want to win the World Cup again? Certainly not as badly as England do. This is the first time since 1975 after all that they are here for a World Cup and an Ashes series back to back. So whatever they do in this tournament is likely to be pushed to the background regardless of whether they retain or lose the Ashes in two-and-a-half months' time. They last beat England in England in a series back in 2001 after all, and they've won three World Cups since. For England, the World Cup is the much-desired culmination of a four-year investment into transforming their ODI game. Their defeat against Sri Lanka though has left them in a precarious position with having to beat two of Australia, New Zealand and India. A loss against Aaron Finch & Co could derail what had till that point been a rather straightforward World Cup campaign, despite the early loss to Pakistan. As Finch put it, "Australia v England at Lord's in the World Cup, doesn't get bigger than this."

When: England v Australia, CWC 19, 10.30 Local, 15.00 IST

Where: Lord's, London
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